Tuina: Traditional Chinese Medical Massage

Tuina is the massage branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used therapeutically to relieve pain, tension, tightness, and to assist the healing of soft tissue issues. Tuina also includes acupressure and meridian manipulation, and can be used in conjunction with acupuncture or other aspects of Chinese medicine to address internal medical issues. Adjunct therapies that may also be employed by request include guasha and cupping, which traditionally are used to treat pain, stasis, skin diseases such as rashes, to relieve fever, and to release the common cold.
Tuina is performed with the clothes on, and does not generally employ oil. Instead it uses a cloth to reduce friction. Though it is generally a dry form of massage, certain treatments may employ herbal liniments or pastes to assist the healing process. For example, using a warming herbal formula for back pain that is exacerbated by the cold. While tuina is renowned for it’s ability to reach deep layers of tissue, it can also be performed softly for relaxation.
If you are looking for massage for therapeutic reasons or just for relaxation, or if you are looking for a form of massage that doesn’t require oil, tuina is a time-tested form of therapy that can relieve pain, release tension, and help you to feel at ease. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.