Weight Loss Part 1- Guidelines, 3/ 10/ 13, written for the Leschi Community News

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This 3-part series will introduce strategies for designing a successful weight loss/ fitness program. The subject is too complex to adequately address here so do your research, talk to a health/ fitness professional, or feel free to contact me for more information.
We can divide weight issues into two categories: true excess- healthy metabolism but caloric intake outpaces expenditure creating extra bulk; and deficiency- excess weight resulting from deficient metabolic function (this often complicates obesity). Deficiency requires a more complex approach and should be addressed with the help of a knowledgeable health professional. If you are medically sound, I hope these words help you achieve your fitness goals. Note that weight loss and fitness are not the same thing. Since muscle weighs more than fat, one’s body fat percentage or waste line can be a better gauge than the scale for tracking progress.
Set yourself up for success with achievable goals. It takes serious, consistent effort to change our behavior, but it gets easier as we adapt to the new habits. Start off with a 2-week program and build from there. Remind yourself it’s just a little discomfort for a couple weeks- you can handle that.
A pound equals 3500 calories. Healthy loss is 1-2 lbs/ week. Tools online can help you estimate your daily caloric needs. Track every calorie. Control intake and increase output to create a daily deficit of 500-1000 cal. In the installments that follow we’ll look at strategies for managing diet, metabolism, and designing an exercise plan.


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