Weight Loss Part 3- Exercise and Metabolism, 3/ 10/ 13, written for the Leschi Community News

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In the first two parts of this series we looked at general principles and guidelines for designing a weight loss/ fitness program and how to approach diet. This information is available on my blog at HillsideAcupuncture.com. In this final segment we will take a brief look at exercise and boosting the metabolism.
Cardio (extended periods of exercise at moderate intensity such as jogging, biking, or swimming) used to be the method of choice for weight loss. High intensity (sprints) and resistance (i.e. strength) training are now popular. Alternate between both (check out my blog to find out why). Exercise should be convenient and enjoyable enough to facilitate consistency. High intensity and resistance training do more for building muscle (fitness) and raising bmr. Cardio is good for the heart and lungs and burns through stores i.e. weight (but doesn’t discriminate between fat and muscle). Combining resistance training with your cardio will mitigate the muscle loss. Eat something after your workout, ideally with carbs and protein but at least a piece of fruit.
To get your metabolism going in the morning make sure to eat breakfast and do something physical (I like squats and pushups), enough to tire the muscles. Keep your metabolism up throughout the day with regular food, water, and exercise (something every few hours). Dinner should be low carb and at least 2 hours before sleep. I have lots more information to share than I could fit here, so please ask if you need help. Good luck!


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